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Sandev Trails is a culmination of a journey in the wild spread over two decades and across five continents. It started with a couple of friends who’s  craving for the wild coupled with a yearning to capture the spectacular that the God’s had bestowed on planet earth led to adventures, wild and fascinating.

Sandeep and Dev are the heart and soul of Sandev which in Sanskrit translates to a gift from God.They bring their experiences in the wild to take you on an journey of a lifetime.Travel through the wilderness and indulge in your passion for photography.


The Masai Mara Adventure

The Mara, a northern extension of Tanzania’s Serengeti is a place blessed with some of the most diverse fauna in all of Africa. This coupled with the vast rolling plains, dotted with graceful Acacias are intricately woven into behavioral patterns of the stunning array of herbivores and wild cats. The Wildebeest migration, the countless Zebra and not to forget, the dramatic river crossings sprinkled with carnivorous subplots, make the Mara a source of some of the most vibrant images of the African wild.

The Mara, it is said will change you in a way that will expand your horizons and make you look at life anew.





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