Terms and Conditions

Hello and welcome to an adventure of a lifetime!! At Sandev you are the centre of everything we do and as such your comfort and safety are our priority. In addition to creating an awesome experience we always ensure that our guests are pampered and safe at all times. With this in mind we have listed out a detailed document that outlines your expedition and makes you fully aware of the terms and conditions, and policies that will make this a memorable and seamless experience.

Please do pay attention to the details as agreeing to these terms while confirming your booking and making the payment creates a contractual agreement with Sandev Trails. Please read the agreement in full before you agree to the terms and conditions and accept the same.

The terms specified in this document along with you booking online and invoice and other applicable documents listed below, constitute the mutual agreement between you and Sandev Trails.


This is the Expedition Agreement between you and Sandev Trails. Please read the agreement in detail.

Introduction to Sandev trails and services on offer

Sandev Trails offers photography expeditions into the wild, across the planet. The idea is to give you a peek into the world of wildlife photography, and get you familiarised with the tricks and techniques that will help you capture all the wonders that nature has on offer. Anyone is welcome to be a part of our adventures; however these are basic expectations that would make this an experience to cherish

  • Any customer travelling with us will need to be sensitive to the environment and laws of the wild. We are just guests in the home of some of the most majestic animals on the planet and please treat their space with respect.
  • Wild ecosystems are fragile and becoming increasingly threatened by various pressures on them. Lets minimise this by being quiet, not littering, and not smoking while on Safari or otherwise.
  • Wildlife photography is dangerous and its important to follow rules framed to keep you safe at all times. We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to safety and you will adhere to the same.


Published Itineraries, dates and Costs

Sandev Trails has the right to change Itineraries without prior notice due to various factors including but not limited to safety, weather conditions, any unforeseen emergencies, mechanical issues or any last minute withdrawals or smaller than expected group sizes. All costs are based on traffis and rates at a given point in time and any changes in dates might increase costs.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation fees will be applicable on all bookings made with Sandev Trails.
However, they might vary based on the proximity of the travel schedule. All cancellations need to be notified to Sandev Trails via e-mail-

Refund on cancellations:

More than 80 days : 80% refund
60 - 80 days : 50% refund
Less than 60 days: No refund


Your responsibilities on the trip:

Travel documents and flight reservations

The customer will be responsible to ensure that all required and valid travel documents including and not limited to the Visa, flight tickets, medical and travel insurance, required and mandatory vaccinations etc. are in place well in advance of the travel schedule.


Sandev trails recommends that you buy a comprehensive travel and medical insurance policy that includes but is not limited to emergency medical evacuation, cancellation of the expedition, baggage loss etc. In the event that you have not subscribed to an appropriate policy that does not include medical evacuation and care you will be liable to cover any medical emergency on your own. Also ensure travel coverage that assumes liability for damages, losses or expenses arising out of rental of local transport if necessary.

Pre-existing Conditions:


Medical issues and physical qualifications

  • The customer agrees that he or she is in good physical and mental health and is physically qualified to participate in the expedition of the nature provided by Sandev Trails. In case of any doubts or any developments that cause you concern about the physical ability to participate please do get in touch with the team at Sandev Trails to mutually arrive at a decision
  • The Sandev trails expeditions may in some cases involve high altitudes, so if customers are prone to altitude sickness or suffer from respiratory issues please clarify on conditions on specific expedition in question.
  • Notify the team at Sandev on any allergies or medication and ensure that you carry all prescriptions and required dosage and we recommend that you plan to carry extra to cover any delays or changes in the trip schedule. Also please consult with your medical practitioner on your ability to undertake the trip. Anny arrangements required must be notified to Sandev Trails during the booking
  • Should the customer represent him/her self as qualified for the expedition but in truth is not, then Sandev Trails, upon such discovery may bar the customer from participating in the expedition and the customer will forfeit all funds paid to Sandev trails without recourse to substitution. Sandev trails urges you to reach out to us during the booking to clarify any concerns. We are glad to accommodate clients with physical disabilities, and other medical conditions as long as we are informed well in advance during the booking so required facilities are made available. This is to ensure safety and a glitch free customer experience with Sandev Trails. 

Special dietary needs

Where possible Sandev Trails will be glad to make available specific dietary preferences as long as they are available in the specific region and are possible and Sandev Trails is informed during the booking.

Cancellation by Sandev Trails       

  • Due to any unforeseen event on a very rare instance if Sandev Trails deems it necessary to cancel an expedition and a suitable alternative is not available, it reserves the right to do so and offer the customer the following options in the event that the full payment has been received.
  • A replacement expedition to be offered at a later date of the same value. Any hotel bookings and other travel bookings will be the responsibility of the customer and Sandev Trails will not be accountable for the same.
  • A refund in full (Nett amount) that Sandev trails was paid towards the expedition in question.
  • In any event Sandev trails will be responsible for the nett amount either in total or pro rata and its liability will be limited to the net amount paid by the customer for the trip.

Inability to execute an expedition

In the event that Sandev trails is forced to cancel an expedition due to but not limited to strikes, extreme weather, unpredictable wildlife conditions, natural disasters, war, riots, terrorism, inability to obtain supplies due to unavoidable local conditions, Sandev Trails may due to conditions of force majeure vary the time of departure, alter schedules, or postpone the trip without advance notice. 

Customer Obligations

  • Customers are to abide by the rule of law and respect local laws and customs. Cooperation with Sandev Trails staff, local guides and drivers is essential and non negotiable for your safety as well as the safety of other expedition members
  • Notify Sandev trails staff on any pre-existing conditions or medical conditions that need attention, this includes allergies, food requirements etc.
  • Strict adherence to safety policies of Sandev trails and instructions pertaining to safety is a must and not to be compromised.
  • Sandev trails holds the right to disembark without recourse to a refund a customer that is behaving in a hostile, disruptive or aggressive manner that could threaten the safety of other members of staff or customers on the expedition.
  • All banned and illegal substances are not to be carried on the expedition and this will include all items prescribed as banned by international courts of justice that may include illegal drugs, weapons including those sold for sport, explosive devices, inflammable objects, etc. and anyone carrying any of these are to immediately deposit the same with the Sandev Trails team or will be subject to be barred from continuing on the expedition with no recourse to a refund.

Liability and assumption of risk    

Release of Liability and assumption of risk: A customer participating in any of our expeditions does so with full knowledge of the risks associated with travel to the regions in question and wildlife photography in particular. The areas visited involve risks and though the Sandev team takes every measure to ensure safety risks are still real. These risks include and are not limited to unpredictable wildlife, regional security, forces of nature, travel in remote regions, travel in vehicles, local food and water, physical exertion that the customer might not be able to cope with, negligence ( but not wilful or fraudulent conduct on the part of Sandev trails or others. Additional risks like accidents, injury or illness in a remote area without emergency healthcare access, rapid evacuation, or medical facilities, or in instances availability of medicines. The Customer acknowledges that the expedition comes with inherent risks and he or she has gone through the details exhaustively and has voluntarily participated in the expedition.

Further the customer acknowledges that the expeditions might involve several partner services and the customer is responsible for their own welfare, and accepts any risk in delays, death, illness, injury or mental trauma and with full knowledge and acceptance of the risks involved is participating in the expedition voluntarily and discharges Sandev Trails, its partners, owners and staff from all liability arising from their participation in the expedition. The customer also agrees that the release is legally binding on themselves and any minors or people under the age of 21 travelling with them under their care, their heirs, successors, assigns and legal representatives; it being their intention to fully assume all risks pertaining to travel and to release Sandev Trails from all liabilities.  In case of any legal dispute the following conditions will be applicable

  • The dispute will be subject to the laws of the Republic of India, the disputes will be referred to a neutral mediator in Bangalore India, with the costs split in half between both parties. In the event of the non resolution of the dispute through mediation the dispute shall be submitted to binding arbitration through Indian arbitration procedure and the venue of arbitration will be Bangalore India
  • The maximum recoverable amount under all circumstances will be the net cost of the expedition paid to Sandev Trails

Liability release from partner services           

Several services like transport, stay ,food and others throughout the expedition provided by partner services with Sandev Trails co-ordinating the delivery of said services. The service providers are chosen for their excellent track record of delivering excellent services and support and have been extensively background checked for safety and quality. However in the unlikely event that there have been lapses in service affecting safety, health, comfort or others the service provider might be governed under the law of their state and liability limited to the cost of their service.