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The Magic Of Birth or The Gift Of Life

With our agenda for a cool and foggy morning set on tracking a cheetah familythat hadn’t eaten for four weeks, we already knew that what we were about to see was a sight that we would never forget, and to our great luck, our expectations didn’t let us down. Eager for a kill that could…

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The Majestic King and his prized Queen

Mating is a natural phenomenon occurring in every form of life. It is one of the basic biological urges known to mankind, and even to all the fauna. For the royalty of Masai Mara and every other jungle in the world, this goes on for about four days in every cycle of 2 years or…

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A mother’s love is the truest love

While on a safari, there are many sights that one can see. On the first day out in the rich wilderness of Masai Mara, we had the opportunity to witness a very lovely sight that would only later turn into a rather brutal kill.   With the sun setting low, and the hues of the…

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A trip to Masai Mara

The Masai Mara National Reserve is one of the largest national reserves in the world with over 583 square miles of outstanding wilderness;all in southwest Kenya. Situated in the heart of the Great African Rift Valley, the national reserve is a home to a wide variety of wildlife. Masai Mara is famous for the ‘Great…

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